Care Navigation

Care Navigation is about getting the right care, by the right person, first time for our patients in Rotherham. We are offering our patients some alternatives to having a GP appointment, if it is suitable for you. Our Receptionists will ask you a couple of questions to find out the nature of your call and they may suggest that you are seen by another service that you could possibly access quicker?  Here are the services they may suggest you try:

Physio First

From October 2018 there will be a Physiotherapist based here in surgery, if the appointments are not suitable for you at the surgery then you will be offered an alternative at one of our local hubs. You will be offered a 20 minute appointment, where your condition can be assessed. This service has worked really well as when Physio First was used earlier in the year 70% of all patients that used it, didn’t have to be referred on to another service. There is an exclusion criteria but this will be discussed with you by our Care Navigation Team. Please note these consultations are over the telephone currently due to the pandemic. 

Self-Care Via Pharmacy

A lot of conditions can be treated by our Community Pharmacists. As part of a National Campaign our GP practices are encouraged to no longer prescribe paracetamol (in some cases), antihistamines and other over the counter medication.


If you are pregnant you can be referred directly to the community midwife, there is no need to see a GP first unless you are taking regular medications.

Stop Smoking / Weight Management / Alcohol Services

You will be directed to the appropriate service by a member of our Care Navigation team.

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)

IAPT have a team of Counsellors and Therapist trained to help you with some common mental health issues. You don’t need to be referred by a Doctor; the receptionist will be able to give you the details about how you access this service.

Sexual Health

There are a wide range of services that the Sexual Health Clinic covers, the receptionist will be able to give you some more details.

Contact your own GP practice reception to find out how to access these services direct.

Local Services
Local Services